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2009 Mazda B-Series Truck Overview

2009 Mazda B-Series Truck

2009 Mazda B-Series Truck Review

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A true pickup based on the Ford Ranger, the 2009 Mazda is a solid performer that is easy to maneuver, thanks to the truck's small size. Mazda's proven B-Series pickups hold their own against trucks from Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan and Ford. The B2300 and B4000 are reliable, rugged trucks that don't pretend to be anything else, all of which means that they can haul cargo and tow loads whenever needed. Pricing for the basic B2300 starts, very affordably, around $16,000. Mileage varies greatly, from an average combined rating of 22 mpg for the B2300 and 17 mpg for the larger B4000. The 4.0L B4000 impresses with a 5,600 pound towing capacity.