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Lifetime Warranty | Unlimited Miles | Unlimited Time | No Cost To You

CarSaver's Lifetime Warranty*

Experience the joy of worry-free driving with CarSaver's exclusive lifetime warranty that covers your car for unlimited miles and unlimited time for as long as you own the car, and at no cost to you.

We've got you covered, for life!

As vehicle technology has become more complex, repair costs have increased. A new engine can cost more than $3,000, and a new transmission can cost over $2,500 - not to mention how much it costs to fix or replace seals and gaskets, engine mounts, exhaust manifolds, wheel bearings, drive shafts, and many other components.

CarSaver's Lifetime Warranty* covers these repairs and more on your engine, transmission, and drivetrain for unlimited miles and unlimited time with no deductible.


  • Lifetime Warranty* standard - at no cost to you
  • Coverage on engine, transmission, and drive train
  • Unlimited miles, unlimited time – for as long as you own the vehicle
For questions, please call a CarSaver Personal Shopper at 844-355-3154 or for a list of frequently asked questions, click here.
*CarSaver’s Lifetime Warranty covers all repairs to your engine, transmission, and drivetrain for your vehicle for as long as you own it. Parts of like kind and quality may be used for repairs, including remanufactured parts. You will be responsible for any charges not covered under your contract, including maintenance work or non-covered repairs. CarSaver’s Lifetime Warranty only covers claims that would not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. CarSaver’s Lifetime Warranty may only be obtained through a CarSaver Certified Dealer and in compliance with CarSaver policies. See the CarSaver Limited Warranty Agreement for complete details, which is available from your CarSaver dealer prior to obtaining the warranty. Effective March 1, 2021, before coverage for maintenance begins, there is a waiting period of 4 months and 4,000 miles (30 days and 1,000 miles in Georgia) after the effective date of the service contract. See CarSaver.com for vehicles eligible for a lifetime warranty or contact your CarSaver dealer to learn about your particular vehicle’s eligibility. You can also view frequently asked questions regarding this product at https://www.carsaver.com/warranty/faq or contact our customer support at 800-217-4800 with any specific questions.